NIC RAINE Composer

Born in London, Nic Raine studied organ, piano, double bass and guitar.

As an orchestrator and arranger he has worked on film scores with Miklos Rozsa, Elmer Bernstein, George Fenton, Maurice Jarre, Howard Blake, Hans Zimmer, Stanley Myers, Gabriel Yared, Shaun Davey, Kevin Kiner and Michael Kamen amongst others.

Nic Raine had a special collaborative relationship with John Barry. The two worked together for twenty years on many films scores, including two Bond movies (A View to a Kill and The Living Daylights), Enigma and on John’s highly acclaimed album The Beyondness of Things. He has also arranged some of the songs for Barry’s London west-end musical Brighton Rock. Nic has re-recorded many of Barry’s older film scores and a successful four CD set of the complete James Bond music.

He is accustomed to working with silent movies having orchestrated many scores for Carl Davis including The General, Safety Last, The Kid Brother, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Wings and the Phantom of the Opera. Nic also reconstructed Chaplin’s score for City Lights and Hugo Riesenfelds score for Sunrise.

Nic Raine has worked with contemporary artists too having arranged tracks for Maire Brennan (Clannard), Duran Duran, Aha,  B.A. Robertson, Desree and Texas. He also orchestrated the Liverpool Oratorio for Carl Davis and Paul McCartney.

More recently, Nic has orchestrated the music for video games including the Sony Playstation games Primal and Medievil II and for Microsoft, Kameo and Viva Pinata I and II and Sega’s Vikings, Battle for Asgard. Other video game titles include Reckoning, Brink and Total War. He has also orchestrated a two cd set of the popular synthesizer music of Jean Michel Jarre, including pieces from  Oxygene, Chronologie, Magnetic Fields and Industrial Revolutions.  Other film credits are the Oliver Stone movie Alexander for which Nic orchestrated, arranged and conducted music  by Vangelis, and the  Wallace and Gromit  television and feature film series. Collaborating with Kevin Kiner, he orchestrated the Lucasfilm animated Star Wars picture Clone Wars. Nic also works in the French film industry having collaborated with Laurent Boutonnat on Jacquou le Croquant and Philippe Sarde on Les Temoins, La Princesse de Montpensier – director Bertrand Tavenier – and Once I was.

Of special mention are his award winning reconstructions and re-recordings of lost film scores such as Jerry Goldsmith’s Hour of the Gun, Franz Waxman’s Taras Bulba and Miklos Rozsa’s The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

Nic Raine has an extensive library of arrangements available for concert hire.


Thank you very much for everything. The restoration is fabulous and the performance which you drew from the orchestra is superb. Words cannot express how much this means to me. Now it exists i

n a definite edition for all time. I know father would be thrilled too.

John Waxman about the reconstruction and re-recording of Franz Waxman’s score Taras Bulba